Parents Trust Edukare
"Edukare is a wonderful place! Brightly decorated with an orientation towards learning, stimulating play and safety.  Mrs. Isabel is sensitive to each child's growth and needs.  She has extensive work experience and training in childcare and development.  It's a great environment - I am glad to have discovered Edukare and have Miss Isabel care for my daughter while I am at work.  I feel confident in her care and attention to my child,"  Sandra G, Lucilla's Mom

 "This is by far the best preschool ever!!!! It took my son a lil while to get use to it since he was always around family and different babysitters. And I mean a little while.. now he walks up the driveway and up the steps more confident then ever.. this is his second home his second family.. the love and care and attention Mrs. Isabel gives to these children is beyond the upmost respect. The school is home based and very very clean and safe.. knowing that allows me to work in peace. In a short time my son started speaking more and more vocally.. and is more interactive and socialable.. thank you Edukare for providing my son an early education and preparing him for kindergarden.. WE love you!!!!! "Best teacher award and appreciation to , Miss Isabel!"
Conie S.  mother of Aiden V.
My daughter was in Shinning Star preschool, El Monte, for 2 years.  I thought the school was acceptable untilI I found Edukare.  Not all the parents have the opportunities to really compare the facility until you  put you and your child to test.   Due to several incidents happen in Shinning Star preschool, I was determined to place my daughter in other school.  Woooow, I made a right choice.  The meal is always warm, since there is only few kids to be served.  The toy are always sanitized as you can feel/see it.  The bed are washed/sun dry every weekend as your child does not get sick as often.  My daughter is not watching TV while waiting for pick up.  During meal, she can always ask for MORE if she finishs her first plate.  No more spending many hours on reheasal for the winter/summer performance.   In snack time, no more JUST cookies, she can always have variety of fruit.  In the previous school, she has ORANGE everyday.  Moreover, the teacher will sometime provide early dinner aroung 5:00 pm depending on the schedule and activties; my daughter will come home with full load of energy to play in evening.  My daughter are more confident as children to teacher ratio are low.   My daughter are more outspoken as she will not get punished for making comments about teacher.
As parents, we all want to place our kids in the same school during preK years, Unfortunally, my daughter and I have an unusual opportunties to expeiences two preschools.      Because of these unual experience, my daughter have grow to be a more mature girl than other same age girl.  Currently, she is in KinderG.  I really appreciate Edukare putting 101% of love and care to my daughter.  Thank you !!
Joanna L.
ClicMy 22-month old son has been attending Edukare for almost a year. We love it! Ms. Isabel is nurturing and professional. Her home is clean, safe, and fun. I like that it's a home daycare, because my son is in a family setting, where nutritious meals are home-made, and it's small enough so I know he's getting the attention he needs. I work a lot and would hate the thought of having my son in a children's school/center for more than 40 hours a week.
Ms. Isabel has plenty of age-appropriate learning toys/books and playground equipment. When we pull up to her home, my son starts calling for his friends, her son, and even her husband! My son walks right on in and starts working with materials. He's happy and doesn't cry at all when I leave, so I know he's in good hands.
As a preschool teacher, I know what quality programs look like. And this is as good as it gets! I'm so thankful I found Edukare.
Maria F.